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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Warm Weather Sinks Into The Soul

Summer. It's my favorite time of year with spring running a close second. This time of year the flowers spring open to reveal their delicate beauty and fragrance. If you look closely, the detail that each petal displays is quite magnificent.

Today they are here and tomorrow they are gone -- each one has its own worth and its worth is no less for its short life.
That comparison is made in regard to us and our brief lives on earth in Matthew 6. We are not to worry about our life, for God clothes the grass of the field which is here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow.

Will He not much more clothe you -- you of little faith? Let our faith grow....natural like the flowers, pure like the streams that weave their way through the canyons, and may it be bright like the sun.

PS -- See the beautiful butterfly in the flowers?

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