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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today is the Day!!

Today. It's only one word, but it encompasses a world of meaning. What are you going to do today? What are you going to accomplish? How are you going to live today -- this day? Well, today I am overflowing with ideas and my heart is swelling with possibilities. You see, a couple days ago I decided to leave my career of 10 years. I walked away...with nothing solid in mind for what is next. I have no set plan, I haven't the security of a new job waiting for me. No, I just walked and it's exhilarating! It's freeing and mind numbingly scary and exciting at the same time. Am I crazy? What am I doing? I'm doing what I know to do at this moment, at this time.

I walked and now I am not frozen in time, not frozen in a career that was going no where. The rush of the anticipation of new experiences and thoughts and ideas are freeing my soul to expand and grow and thrive. What is it that I am created to be and do? What capitalizes on my gifts and talents? These are the questions I am asking myself.

I am not seeking safety or security. I am seeking a new path; a reckless path with unexpected twists and turns and bumps and dips. I am leaning on the One who guides and leads just one step at a time and only asks that I trust. I am taking a new that is just for Want to join me?

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