Faith is the beginning.....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photography is Another One of my Loves!

The Haunting Beauty of South Park

Oh Glorious Mountains!

The Way Home

New Direction and Update

This is where I live, or close to it. I live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. This photo was taken on my drive down to Denver...I love taking photos of the mountains. I take pictures that capture what I see with my eyes at that particular moment...when the beauty of something catches my eye. I love how the light plays across the mountains in this photo!

I've decided the direction this blog should take is not on one particular issue or another. Rather it should focus on just what this blog was designed to focus on...God and His Son, Jesus Christ. The purpose of this blog is just what the name lighten the burdened, the heavy-laden. This is what He came save mankind and point the way to eternal life and to give him a way to navigate through life with His word, the Bible.

So shall we start?

It starts with the good news of Jesus Christ laying down His life for us, making the ultimate sacrifice that we may have new life; eternal life. We were born in this world as sinners and we have been given the gift of God's dear Son to grant us entrance into heaven.

Will you join me in this adventure? I hope to be of some help to those who may be searching for meaning, for something bigger than themselves...for love and for forgiveness.

He offers all of that and more. He is more than enough.

'Til next time...Mountain Girl