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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Does Your Private Life Line Up With Your Public Life?

Interesting article on the Christian's dual life by Paul Tripp...we all have some hypocrisy to one degree or another. The important thing is to remember that we should always be asking the Lord to reveal in us any duplicity. One of the points in the article said, "Are you a member of a small group who participates with spiritual enthusiasm in front of people but lives in fear and discouragement when no one is looking?" This hit home for me...I struggle with doubt and discouragement more than I care to admit. I am not trusting God when I should be. So the article states we need to evaluate our heart and make sure we stay before the Lord and confess our sins. Unbelief is a sin, is it not? And when we confess we are then comforted with a comfort that comes not from the world but from God Himself. To Him be the glory!! May you have a day that is filled with His forgiveness and may you be reminded of His patience and love! 
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