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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Farewell Summer

Glimpses of Summer

Summer is slipping away so quickly. I must grasp its last glimmering days.
In its going I will be so lonely.
Sun beating down it's healing rays,
Striking my skin with its blaze.
Grass so tender and green,
Lilting song of birds,
Cool night breeze flowing through open windows, like a summer sigh.
Curtains gently waving in summer air, oh, my heavy heart.
Buzzing of bees and pine scented trees, scampering squirrels, thunderous heaven noise and pouring rain, fill my heart with wonder, may it never wane.
Daisy, yarrow, and harebell; whence will you come again to delight my heart and make it swell? Creek with its clean, clear scent, moving swiftly, smoothing rocks, life giving; on the trail next to you I walk.
Summer, I will miss you, summer, you are a gift from God, please come again soon and delight my heart.

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