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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Focus on the Family Misses it and More...

The Christian ministry, Focus on the Family, has been on a downgrade for years. I have decided to bring attention to this destructive trend in so-called Christianity in which they are a strong voice. Their programs air multiple times a day on the radio here in Colorado so it is hard to miss them.

A while back Jim Daly interviewed Bono and with raised eyebrow I listened as he said things like, Bono is not your conventional Christian or something to that effect and that he had colorful language. Colorful indeed!! Bono is a hardcore anti-Christian man who thinks anyone who adheres to historical, Biblical Christianity is a Pharisee. He mocks us, in fact. But FOTF is willing to overlook that because he does so much good in the world...but not in the name of the Christ of the Bible, so why did they even give him an interview? It should also be noted that FOTF has been trending toward Catholicism for quite some time, which also includes Contemplative Spirituality, if they aren't already fully embracing the Catholic religion. That's another story for another time.

I think the final straw for me was the article on HERE where Jim Daly, the President of FOTF, defended his ministry reviewing the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, by stating that it was necessary to warn the Christian public about it's evils...of course, to see for themselves just how evil it was, their reviewer, Paul Asay, of their "Plugged In" movie review SITE mentioned that it was his job to expose the dark by bringing a bit of light to this movie. As if the secular reviews weren't explicit enough he found it necessary to go see for himself. Huh?? I can remain silent no more!! What is further causing my blood to boil is his condescending response to someone who sent him an email that said, "....and I am troubled at the thought of sending one of your employees to go see it.” Asay responds, "I love this email. I so appreciate that he, and many other readers, worry about us over here. And pray for us, too. The sentiment and supplication both mean a lot." Uh-huh, I wonder if that would be his response to someone like me who says he is a hypocrite and how dare he present himself as being pious by watching the movie; a movie by the way, where if a Christian unknowingly (not likely) attended, within a very short amount of time, I'm guessing, would up and leave in protest, but not this fella, no, he was going to give a detailed account of the vile stuff. Shame, shame on him! At the end of his review he writes, "...It’s not very bright, this little light of mine. But in the darkness, every little bit helps. And I hope that my tiny light of a movie review might lead others to a better, brighter one." I think the verse in Luke 11:35 fits nicely, "Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness."

I wrote a response (some slight changes) to Paul Asay's defense on the Plugged In site..we'll see if my comment gets published, as well as on Christian Post in response to Jim Daly's article which was published. Here it is:

My blood boils when a Christian ministry defends an action that is clearly outside the bounds of Christian duty. It is the duty of the Christian to avoid any semblance of evil and the fact that Jim Daly is making excuses as to why their ministry went to the movie is unconscionable!! You should be ashamed of yourself! You are a hypocrite.

But then this is the ministry that defended interviewing Bono who happens to be a scoffer of the Bible. He twists scripture and mocks true, historical Christianity calling it Pharisaical. He has a trash mouth as well, but FOTF defends this man because he does so much in the name of philanthropy. Focus, you are a legalistic organization which puts the actions of people over and above their belief system. You are not promoting the interests of Christ but the interests of people who want a watered down version of the Gospel. The fact that you defend actually going to and seeing the movie merely for review purposes implies voyeurism and titillation. How dare you defend this, but one thing is for have shown your true colors.


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Tani,

I totally agree with you on this. I have not read the book nor will see the movie. I have read several Christian blogs (True Woman for one) that will not review it, and I applaud them. I have several friends who read the book (or is it books now?) when it first came out and I had never even heard of it. Not long after that, that is ALL I heard about...and while people can read/watch what they want, it is up to Christian organizations to set an example of what is pleasing to God. We all fail - a LOT - but when placed in a leadership position, then the leaders need to be even more careful where they are leading and for what reason. Great post and glad to have read it. Wishing you all the very best!

Mountain Girl said...

Thanks, Elizabeth, for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on this. I definitely believe like you that Christian ministries have an obligation to set an example. I am glad to hear that True Woman didn't review it. What's there to review? We all know that it is soft porn...geez!